Tilspændingsmomenter Ducati 748 stel

Tolerancerne er ±10%, ved markering med * dog ±5%

Description thread (mm) Nm Notes
Rear wheel LH nut M33x1.5 156*  SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Rear wheel RH nut M38x1,5 176* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Front wheel LH nut M25x1,25 63* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Monoshock upper screw M10x1,25 42* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Monoshock lower screw M10x1,25 42* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Suspension rocker upper screw M10x1,25 42* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Nut fixing suspension rocker to frame M10x1.25 42* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Svingarm fixing bolt M15X1,25 73* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Chain adjusting eccentric screw M12x1.25 31* SHELL RETINAX HDX2 Sequence 1-2-1
Steering head screw M8x1.25 23* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Steering crown head M8x1.25 14* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Front brake caliper screw M10x1.5 43* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Headstock tube screw M8x1,25 22* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Handlebars screw M6x1 10* SHELL RETINAX HDX2 Sequence 1-2-1
Handlebar clampscrew M6x1 10* SHELL RETINAX HDX2 Sequence 1-2-1
Clutch master cylinder screw M6x1 9 Sequence I (UP)-2-1
Front brake master cylinder screw M6x1 9 Sequence I (UP)-2-1
Drive pins screw M6x1 11* LOCTITE 242 (243)
Rear brake caliper screw M8x1,25 25* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Chain guard screw M6x1 8 LOCTITE 242 (243)
Front sprocket stopper screw M5x0,8 6* LOCTITE 222
Rear subframe screw M8x1.25 36 LOCTITE 242
Rear sprocket screw M10x1,25 48* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Steering bearings ring nut M35x1 20 SHELL ALVANIA R3 Turn out 30°
Caliper plate pin M12x1,25 33 LOCTITE 601
Rear brake disc screw M8x1,25 25* LOCTITE 128443
Oil cooler nipple M14x1,5 24 LOCTITE 222 with reaction
Chain sliding shoe screw M6x1 10 LOCTITE 222
Engine mounting bolt M10x1,25 44* SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Front subframe screw M6x1 9 LOCTITE 242
Water radiator screw M6x1 9 SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Oil cooler screw M6x1 9
Front brake disc screw M8x1,25 25* LOCTITE 242
Tank flange quick coupling 1/4" NPT 3 LOCTITE 579
Brake bleed nipple M10x1 12
Oil pipe union on cooler 9/16" UNF 19 Engine oil - Hold steady
Oil pipe union on casing 9/16" UNF 19 Engine oil - Hold steady
Clutch hose connector M10x1 19
Nut fixing cables to battery terminals M5x1 5
Front sprocket guard screw M6x1 6
Side stand plate srew M10x1,5 43 LOCTITE 128
Side stand pivot nut M8x1,25 26
Cooler connector for head oil tube M10x1 12 No 748 Bip-Monoposto
Horn screw M6x1 10 LOCTITE 242
Rear brake hose guard screw M6x1 5 LOCTITE 242
Seat pulley screw self-tapping - LOCTITE 242
Front scoop screw M6x1 4 LOCTITE 242
Intake funnel clip screw M5x0,8 3 LOCTITE 242
Steering damper joint screw on head M6x1 10 LOCTITE 222
Headstock tube reference pin M12x1 19 SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Front fork base screw M8x1,25 19* SHELL RETINAX HDX2 Sequence 1-2-1
Screw fixing silencer support to casing M12x1,75 24 SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Screw fixing exhaust support to subframe M6x1 10 SHELL RETINAX HDX2
Body panel support screw M6x1 10 LOCTITE 222
Battery mount screw M6x1 9,5
Rear brake master cylinder support screw M6x1 10
Rear brake cylinder bracket support screw M10x1,5 43 LOCTITE 128455
Rear brake lever shaft M10x1,5 29 LOCTITE 242
Screw fixing front footpeg to frame M8x1,25 24 LOCTITE 242
Screw fixing front footpeg guard to exhaust M6x1 10 LOCTITE 242
Gear change lever screw M6x1 10 LOCTITE 222
Air box screw M8x1,25 19
Throttle control screw M6x1 9
Screw fixing brake reservoir support plate M6x1 9
Ring nut fixing odometer cable M12x1 3 Tool part no. 88713.1383
Starter motor nut M6x1 5 SHELL ALVANIA R3
Steering damper ball joint M8x1 12 LOCTITE 243
ÖHLINS steering damper ball joint M8x1 8 LOCTITE 270
Steering pin M37x1 Fully home - LOCTITE 601
Hinge-to-frame bracket screw M6x1 10 LOCTITE 242
Hinge-to-seat bracket screw M5x0,8 5 LOCTITE 242
Tank drain screw M10x1 10 LOCTITE 577
Key-operated switch screw M6x1 9 LOCTITE 222 (Not for D vers.)
Nut fixing exhaust pipe to head M6x1 9
Exhaust silencer screw M5x0,8 5
Fuel filler plug screw M5x0,8 5
Front mud guard screw M6x1 3 LOCTITE 242
Gear change pedal shaft M8x1,25 23 LOCTITE 242
Screw fixing footpeg support to frame M8x1,25 24 LOCTITE 242
Footpeg guard screw M5x0,8 5 LOCTITE 242
Steering damper brace screw M6x1 8 LOCTITE 242
Coolant hose clamps 2,5
Horn bracket nut M12x1 20 Hold steady at screw
Air temperature sensor screw 3xI=6 1
Headlight-to-connector support screw 6xI=10 3
CPU damping pad nut M6x1 8,5
Reflector nut M4x0,7 1,6
Starter contacter cable nut M6x1 4
Instrument panel nut M5x0,8 3,3
Number plate holder nut M6x1 5
Seat-to-tail guard fixing nut M5x0,8 2
Nut fixing ball joints on rear shock absorber reaction rod 36
Number plate light nut M5x0,8 1,5
Throttle tie 2,5
Helmet hook fastening screw 2,9xI=9,5 0,5
Headlight mount screw M6x1 10
Oil breather tube tie on breather valve 0,9
Expansion reservoir clamp 1,4
Stainless steel plug fastener on exhaust pipes 1/8 gas 25
Chain eccentric ring nut 59*
Seat lock ring nut 5,5
Tank fastening pin M6x1 9
Filter box assembling screw 3,9xI=25 1,8
Filler-to-expansion reservoir screw M6x1 9
RH/LH switch screw 0,8
Flane-to-tank screw M6x1 9
Turn indicator screw M6x1 3,2
Heat protection-to-subframe screw M6x1 2
Breather tube guide screw M6x1 10
Seat plate screw M5x0,8 5
Plate-to-coil screw 4x0,7 1,85
Tail light pin screw 5
Front panel meshing screw 3,9xI=4,5 1,2
Clutch transmission unit screw M6x1 9
Oil breather box screw M6x1 2,8
Seat lock screw M5x0,8 5
Bracket-to-oil breather tank screw M5x0,8 9
Tail guard bracket screw M5x0,8 2 Biposto
Passenger underseat bracket screw M6x1 9
Canister holder screw M6x1 9 USA version only
RH/LH windproof holder screw M6x1 10
Number plate holder screw M6x1 2
Frame to exhaust pipe to casing holder screw M6x1 9
Tool holder screw 2,9xI=9,5 0,5
Pressure sensor screw M5x0,8 1
Regulator-to-heatsink plate screw M6x1 9
Coil-to-frame screw 10
Fluid expansion reservoir special screw 2,2
Bracket-to-fluid expansion reservoir screw 9
Rear brake pedal light switch 5
Rear brake pedal adjusting dowel 2,3
Rear brake control rod nut 7,5
Møtrikker og bolte i øvrigt M5x0.8

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